2016.07.28 21:24

The Hungarian final of EIT Health InnoStars Accelerator programs took place on 1st July in Budapest. 
EIT Health – supported by the European Committee - is one of the biggest healthcare initiatives worldwide.

Utilizing its network, excellence and knowledge EIT Health aims to foster innovation and bring new innovative products and services on the European and world markets. In order to achieve these goals EIT Health announced competitions for start-ups and ventures in major European countries. In Hungary – part of the “EIT Health InnoStars” network containing ESIF eligible member states of EU - two programs were available for applicants. InnoStars Awards is a competition which supports early stage health industry ventures to get their business concepts off the ground and into the domestic and international market, while InnoStars GoEurope supports SMEs who intend to bring their existing products or services to the European markets.

In the InnoStars GoEurope category, two winners were awarded with the first price of 50.000 €, respectively: 

The FRISBEE project (Biosystems International Kft.) deploying a unique and protected biochip technology for the early diagnosis of cancer and chronic diseases, as well as MDQuest for its BioPREDx project (SOLVO MDQ Kit™); the first to develop a biomarker-based diagnostic test for rheumatoid arthritis and leukaemia patients.


SOLVO MDQ Kit™ is a flow cytometry test optimized for routine clinical use. The test has a prognostic and predictive value in the targeted diseases providing personalized patient information. The project is in the second clinical utility trial phase.