The MDQuest MultiDrugQuant™ Kit is designed as a routine laboratory flow cytometry assay for the measurement of the functional activity of the three clinically most relevant efflux transporters (MDR1, MRP1 and BCRP) on viable cells, offering several advantages:

  • Quantitative flow cytometry: results are expressed in harmonized MDR activity factor (MAF) values
  • Required specimen: cultured or collected cells from blood or other body fluid or bone marrow from men and mice- Research Use Only
  • Potential for studying transporter malfunction diseases, even on in-house disease model samples
  • Compatible with cell surface markers for immunophenotyping and gating of cell populations during the FACS measurement
  • Functional assay
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Different probe substrate for MDR1/MRP1 and BCRP
  • Highly selective inhibitors

Available as CE-IVD certified product as well, for clinical sample analysis (SOLVO MDQ KitTM).

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